12 Things that are great about being 70

This one is in honor of my mom, who is turning 70 this weekend.  A humorous look at the life of a 70 year old.

  1. When you get carded for the Senior Citizen’s discount you’re not offended, you’re thrilled!
  2. When you don’t respond to someone’s email, they just write it off as you not being “tech savy.”
  3. You can take a nap and the kids don’t bother you. (“Shh..Grandma’s sleeping!)
  4. 4 words – Kohl’s Senior Citizen Discount
  5. Take all the time at JoAnn’s Fabrics that you want – not like you have anywhere else to be!
  6. You can throw parties at your kids house when you’re house-sitting and they are thrilled.
  7. If Diet Pepsi were really bad for you it would have done it’s damage long before now – drink up!
  8. Same with chocolate!
  9. Who would deny a sweet grandma spoiling her grandkids?
  10. After being in a prayer group for approaching 20 years, you can finally see God answering some of those long time requests.
  11. When something comes back in style you can just look in the back of your closet and you’re in fashion again!
  12. Waiting in traffic isn’t nearly as bad when you can compare it to waiting for doctor’s appointments.

Love you mom!  Happy 70th!  Can’t wait to see how God continues to use you to bring joy in the years to come!

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